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1. Why do you use Hemp Wicks?

Short answer: They're Organic / Convenient / Purifying
The wick is something that most people don't give much care to, yet that is a mistake. You shouldn't just select any wick because the majority are created with questionable materials and at a low cost.

  • Keep it organic: Our hemp wick is non-GMO, free of heavy metals, PVC, BPA, formaldehyde, and harmful chemicals.
  • No flare-ups: The beeswax layer ensures that the flame will burn uniformly and melt your candle wax in smooth, even layers.
  • Bigger flame: Hemp wick is known to create a bigger flame for your candle, thus allowing a bigger scent throw.
  • Breathe naturally: Burning beeswax actually cleans your surroundings by producing negative ions which help remove pollution from the air. This is a helpful bonus for those who struggle with asthma or respiratory issues.

2. How do you choose safe Fragrance Oils?

All of the fragrance oils i use contain no Parabens or Phthalates which are harmful chemicals that could be potentially harmful if breathed in for a long duration of time.

3. Why don't you use Essential Oils for a more natural candle use?

Essential oils are great for soy candles but unfortunately due to them being made from sweating natural ingredients to get a natural oil, when burned, they provide a very low scent throw or a different smelling scent throw. Essential oils also have a minimum selection of aromas to choose from. Some burn better then others and due to there not being many oils to choose from, I started Brazy Wickz with safe fragrance oils so i could create many different collections. I will be expanding into having an Essential Oil candle line in 2023

4. How many different wicks do you have?

I currently use 3 different types of wicks.

1. Hemp

2. HTP

3. Wood

5. What is a HTP wick?

HTP stands for High Tensile Paper 

This wick features a flat braid design that is a great wick to use with natural wax. Containing all natural, unbleached paper fibers throughout, this wick is a stronger wick due to specially constructed braid.

The result is a cleaner burning, self-trimming wick with additional structural strength, controlled curling and a hotter, more efficient flame.


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